Welcome to Living New Age blog, a web site which has one purpose – introduce tools that can help you to make you life more enjoyable and improve quality of your life.

The tools presented on this site are described with aim not to be used for fortune telling or any kind of future predictions. They are introduced with aim to help your personal development by putting you in charge of your own future. They allow you to get to know yourself, they help you to understand other people’s behavior and events surrounding you. Everyone is responsible for their health, career, relationships and finances, the tools described here can help you to be on the right path. It is in everyone’s power to change their fate, everyone is in charge of their own destiny. The site will be here for you to learn to use tarot, astrology and other New Age fields of knowledge as tools to improve quality of our life, rather than as fortune telling tools for predicting future.

I wanted to share information about this and all the techniques that I know with a wider audience, and that is when I got an idea to set up this site. There are many sites on the web about tarot, astrology, numerology, meditation, feng-shui, alternative medicine and other New Age techniques, but I wanted to create one that would introduce all these tools as a way to improve your life, help you make decisions right now and not to be worried about your future believing that is is set and cannot be changed.

If you are interested in this, please read on, this blog is for you! If you find any article interesting, but you don’t have time to read it right now, feel free to print it out for later. If you print a page from this site with your web browser, you’ll get a nicely formatted printout with no navigation elements and no ads.

Make sure you bookmark this page if you are interested, hopefully the site will grow and contain more and more content.

For more information about myself and why I set up the blog, see the About page.

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