What Is The Right Attitude Towards Money?

big step to successI recently wrote an article about the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that we attract into our lives everything we think about. The way we think about things is very important, we can use the law of attraction to get what we want, but if we don’t think right, we can block certain things from coming into our lives, without even realizing it. The law of attraction can be applied in many areas of life – health, relationships, money, and many others. I decided to write this article about attitude towards money and how it can affect how much of money you have.

The Power of Money

When I was in my early twenties I met some interesting friends who had psychic abilities. I was very ambitious and quite eager to have loads of money when I start my professional life. So back then I asked one of my friends during a tarot session: “Will I be rich?”. Her answer surprised me. She said that I would first have to sort out my attitude towards money. So I asked: “What do you mean? My attitude towards money is good. I would like to have loads of money. I don’t think there is anything wrong about having a lot of money!”. Back then I already knew about the basic principals and I knew that if I wanted to have something, my attitude towards it had to be positive to attract it into my life. I saw people around me thinking that money is evil, and I knew that similar attitude would not get me anywhere.

In fact the “Money is evil” misconception is probably one of the most common attitudes that blocks money from many people. Usually, they have money connected with everything bad that is happening around the world – most wars are happening because of money, children in poor countries are dying because lack of money, and so on. They would probably have a lot of stories ready about people that became rich and how money ruined their lives by losing friends or partners as a result of it, how envy in the family broke the family apart and many other stories of that kind.

In my opinion, it is not the money which is to be blamed for all of this – it is a wrong use of money by some of the people that have them. It is the people to be blamed for all of this, not the money itself. There are plenty of examples of a good use of money – look at charities for example and how much good they can do. All thanks to money they get from generous people. They have the power thanks to the money to change the world to the better. See how money helped during times of tragic world events, such as tsunami, earthquakes, and so on. Money is a power to make a difference.

Lets look at why money were created. They were created because people specialize and do different things. Everybody does different things for living, for example, a tailor makes dresses and a farmer grows vegetables. But when the tailor would like some vegetables to make his lunch, it would make no sense for him to give the farmer a dress, because the farmer may not need a dress and the dress’s value is would be different anyway. They both put energy into what they are doing, money is a means of expressing the energy and it can be exchanged for other things, which we may need more. Money comes to our lives to manifest something, it can be used to express an effort. So, in fact, money is a form of an energy.

Money and the Rich

Another reason why I couldn’t figure out why I was “accused” of having something wrong with my attitude towards money was that I also didn’t judge rich people because of what they do and how they use money. Some people dislike rich people and keep judging them. This is what they usually think:

  • Rich people have bad relationships
  • Rich people are greedy
  • Rich people buy things they don’t need
  • Rich people waste money by buying luxury goods
  • Rich people are selfish
  • Rich people have no family life
  • Rich people cannot find time for their partners and family
  • Rich people like to boast and show off
  • Rich people worry all the time that they would lose what they have
  • Rich people don’t care about an environment, why would someone need to fly a helicopter anyway?

And the list above could go on. The law of attraction works very well in this case. If you think about people in negative way because they are rich, you are saying “I don’t want to be rich”. Again, try to move your thinking towards being more positive. Do you realize how much power the rich people have to make a difference? Did you know that it is the rich people who give the most money to charities all around the world? If they want to live in luxury and spend huge amounts of money, why wouldn’t you let them do it? The fact that they spend money only means that they transfer some of their money to someone else. What if they are not greedy and selfish, what if they only developed a very good habit of saving money, that gives them huge freedom and safety?

One of my friends used to live next door to a rich family. He used to complain all the time, saying: “Look at the pool in their garden. What a waste of money! And look how big fence they had to build! They just don’t want anyone to see into their garden, because they are are afraid that people would find out that they are rich and they would get robbed!”. His stories about his neighbors always showed how jealous he was of what they have and how many issues he has with the rich people. He didn’t appreciate that there was nothing wrong with living in luxury and that people may just want some privacy when they have a pool in their garden – building a fence may not necessarily mean that they would be afraid of losing what they have. If you know anyone like this, try to turn the conversation into something more positive if they start talking like this, don’t let the negative thinking affects you. If you want, point them to this article ;-) .

The law of attraction says that you can have anything you want. So if you want to be rich and at the same time have time for your family, why would you think that it would not be possible? If you say something is not possible, you are “done”, because it will not be possible for you. You make the decision.

Money and Youkey to wealth

I think I now know why I didn’t have a good attitude towards money. I knew all the theory which I mentioned above and I was trying to apply it – always thinking positive about the money, always not judging rich people. But all this time I was excluding myself from all of this. I never asked myself how do I feel about being rich. What would I do, if I had million dollars? I found that I don’t know the answer to that question. And actually, when you imagine that you had million dollars (especially if you meditate), some other questions may come into your mind:

  • Is the million dollars going to be enough?
  • Should I give some money to other relatives? Will I be a bad person if I don’t?
  • How would I distribute the money to diversify risk, in case a bank goes bust?
  • Should I invest some of the money? How much? Where?
  • Should I set up a company?
  • How would my relationship with current friends change?
  • How much of the money would I donate to charity?
  • What would I do if someone wanted to borrow some money?

If questions start popping into your mind when you imagine that you are rich, you should understand them and see how they can affect you and you should address them, one by one. They could show that you are not ready just yet for having lots of money, because they may be revealing some blocks and obstacles when it comes to attracting money. For example, the question “How would I distribute the money to diversify risk, in case a bank goes bust?” may show that you fear losing the money, which you should deal with first – you must get rid of any negative thoughts because otherwise, you may attract it. At the same time, you may want to find an answer to the question and decide what is the most safe bank to trust with the money, how you you would invest parts of the money and so on. Finding answers to the questions shifts your thinking to be like you already had the money, attracting it even more. And once you find answers to them, you will be relieved and feel even more ready. 

There is also a theory that people should not concentrate on getting money. Instead, they should concentrate on what they want to achieve in their life (what is their “Opus“) and if they need the money to get there, it will come. Even Napoleon Hill in his The Law Of Success In Sixteen Lessons stresses the importance of having something what he calls a “definite chief aim”. If you try to imagine what you would do if you had a million dollars, it may be a good way of turning your thinking from the money to what you want to achieve – the money will just come to get you there. 

As always, I am keen to hear what is your experience. What are the questions that pop into your mind when you imagine having million dollars? Do you have any worries?

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8 Responses to What Is The Right Attitude Towards Money?

  1. Mina says:

    Very nice article. I agree that we need to change our thinking about money to change our circumstances. I also have a post about Money and Spirituality.


    Check it out!

    The Universe Guru

  2. Nikoya says:

    I love your blog layout by the way. Very clean and neat! Great post.

  3. IDCMart says:

    Wow,Great mind think alike.
    I am very appreciate your attitude towards money.
    And thanks about the creative excursion thinking!

  4. miss feather says:


    I like what you’ve said, however, there are some holes and big assumptions in there which make it hard for me to totally accept as truth. Did you ever think that perhaps many of these rich people who give to charity are also responsible (directly or indirectly) for the circumstances that lead to the charity being needed in the first place? What I’m saying is: they may give with one hand, but if you look deeper, they may be taking with the other hand. A lot of rich people have gotten that way by exploiting others for their land, resources and labour – resulting in the need for charities in the first place. And banks; they are making money off our money, we only assume they are safe places. The world banks are owned by Rothschild family. Only three country’s banks are not owned by this supremely powerful family and they are in Cuba, North Korea and Iran. So much wealth is created by the control, exploitation and depletion of the world’s resources. it’s hard to think kindly of that. I’m trying to find a way to feel good about wealth but I don’t want to align with the typical pursuit of wealth which seems selfish and damaging. I understand that if I have wealth, I can distribute it for the benefit of others…I just haven’t found a picture of wealth that also seems benevolent and free of rot. I abhore luxury, it is wasteful, so I can hardly realate to the typical picture of wealth which is fancy cars, luxury hotels, expensive clothing, INCREDIBLE usage of energy, water, resources. Look at the waste humans are creating on the planet and look at the wealthy first world countries (America, Australia, Europe, UK) and see what wealth is doing to the planet – how can I feel good about aligning to that idea of wealth? meanwhile, people are starving and living in squalor because their countries are in severe debt to the first-world countries – the rich countries, where some rich people throw a charity evening to send money to poor people which is actually a tax write-off for them. I try to believe the argument you make, as it seems to be all over the internet, but I just don’t align with this idea of wealth – how is it good for the planet and all the other lifeforms on it?

  5. Radim says:

    Hi miss feather,

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, it is always good to see other people’s opinions!

    I don’t see anything wrong with the fact that the the rich people give with one hand and take with the other. They realize that they need money in order to be able to give and share – and that is a good thing. They simply channelize the energy of money. As long as they don’t keep all the money they receive for themselves and as long as the way they got the money is clean, it is great.

    Of course, exploiting others for their land, resources and labor is not a right thing to do and I don’t think that it is necessarily the same people who exploit others and give to charities. I am not saying that all rich people are good people. Neither rich=good nor rich=bad is true. These are two very separate things. Whenever we meet someone new, we tend to create an image of that person of how that person is. Too many times the impression is not very good, which could originate from the fact whether the person is wealthy or not. Some people just can’t help themselves and don’t see anything positive about someone who is wealthy, this could be an attitude they cannot consciously control.

    We need to look at what people do and treat everyone individually, just the fact that someone is rich doesn’t mean they are exploiting others. I have seen a lot of poor people doing damage to the environment as well, of course if the same people had more money perhaps the damage would be even greater, but I still think that how someone behaves to others or to the environment has nothing to do with their wealth.


  6. Adi Shakti says:

    Hi Radim,
    I was reading some of your blog about money and your discussion of the demonisation of money, it was lengthy I did not read it all I was taken by the energy underlying what you were saying. In terms of content the same comments on money similarly have been expressed before in new age circles, on that you are certainly not alone, and whilst I know you gave them in the genuine interest of helping people, I find them deceptive.

    One thing is certain, in the sense that it is impossible to refute and that is: embodying the immeasurable boundaries of the soul what is embodied is infinite, who you are is infinite. What on earth can be gained by the perpetuity of an economic system when were the soul embodied what is embodied is infinite? Any need for money is ludicrous, its perpetuity persists for as long as perceptions of the identity that are myopic endure.

    When a person has an epiphany or glimpses their soul they don’t go ‘oh, I better check my bank account – I better buy a new dress – and that’s for a reason.

    Whilst money may be used in the service of the soul, were the infiltration and proliferation of money, commerce, the various arms of business (industrialisation, marketing, advertising and hence the advertising on this website) and corporate governance throughout the world a product of embodying the soul, I doubt it. In an economy the existence of nothing ceases to exist, how can there be change when nothing doesn’t exit? What is left is repetition: the repetition of soullessness.
    Adi Shakti

  7. Painful Truth says:

    I am 99.99% sure that in God’s eyes, nobody deserves to be rich while millions are starving and suffering or dying of preventable causes. And nobody works thousands of times harder than the average person, such that they should deserve thousands or millions times more money than the average person. If you had to bet your life on God’s stance regarding this question, what would you do?

    People are rich only because their circumstances were fortunate compared to most people in the world: they are either born into ideal family backgrounds, with intrinsic talents and good opportunities throughout life, or if they are born poor, they got some lucky break that 99.99% of other poor people never get. Nobody gets rich through hard work alone; again, it is impossible to work thousands/millions (or even hundreds) of times harder than the average person. Rich people exploit others by getting vastly overpaid for the work they do, while so many struggle to make ends meet.

    Am I guilty of the same sin as rich people because I have more money than I need and I spend on frivolous things instead of helping the poor? ABSOLUTELY. But just because I do it (and almost everyone else does it) DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

  8. gunjan says:

    hi, i loved your article. it’s given me a lot to think about.

    I am very good at saving from my salary if i have a goal i’m passionate about,
    however, i’m trying to increase my knowledge about making money and then going on to have multiple income streams, emergency fund, donation, retirement fund etc.

    Have thought about buying suze orman books but not sure how much they will help. what’s your opinion? any other book suggestions?

    i think money is a relative term and another way to have a more balanced attitude is to see how you treat people who have less than you.
    I was a junior accountant when i shared accommodation with a starting admin clerk from a poor family. She always complained about “rich” people in the office who never washed their coffee cups and left it for the tea lady, or my laziness at home, or about staff spending on take-away’s for lunch.
    that’s when i realized that being rich is just a relative term. I was a junior accountant and still someone perceived me to be rich, spoilt, environmentally unfriendly, selfish because they had less than me and a different attitude.

    anyway just thought its best to have a good attitude before i start this journey seriously. your article was most helpful. i will definitely plan out my million dollar :)
    and answer all those questions.

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